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And i'm your biz bestie that you never knew you needed! I want to help you take your wedding business to new heights. Whether you want to take it to multi-six figures, build a team, or just want to set your backend for success, I want to help you create the biz you dream of

Hey There, I'm Jess Aiken


There was a time when I worked 40+ weddings, made less than $50K a year, had one assistant, and worked a full-time job. When I decided to go full-time with the business, I literally had NO IDEA how to put systems & processes in place. I left my 9 to 5, Monday-Friday job, for more flexibility, more money, and more time with my family. Yet, I wasn't achieving ANY of that. I was overwhelmed, burnt-out, lost my passion, and honestly wanted to throw the whole business away. But once I implemented my automations & systems, everything changed. 

Whether you just started your biz or you've been in business for a decade, I want to help you create a wedding business that works for YOU and not against you.

I'm obsessed with helping wedding pros

hello love!

After years of "just scraping by," and working myself to death, I decided to get serious and build the foundation I wanted for myself, my family, and my business. After years of implementing this foundation, I've grown my business to a multi six-figure business, have a team of 12 employees, personally work just six weddings a year, and I have found my passion and love for this industry again. I'm proof that this foundation framework DOES work and I'm obsessed with helping creatives JUST LIKE YOU build a successful & profitable business that you can be excited about again!
There is a reason you got into this incredible business in the first place. You deserve to have it all! And it all starts with building the foundation that you so desparately dream of having.

"After years of implementing my foundation, I've grown my business to a multi-six figure business, and I have found my passion and love for this business again."
You can do anything, but not everything

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breweries + music

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bourbon ginger

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IRELAND + any beach

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bachelor & breaking bad

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